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in Germany

We help getting employment with well-known and prestigious German employers as a base for a permanent and seminal assignment in Germany.

minimum wage

Minimal wage is granted according the law. Furthermore, Germany offers an advantageous social insurance.


Nurses from the Philippines are entitled to permanent residence after successful accreditation as nurse.


Many employers in Germany offer the possibility to professional specialization and support their nurses doing professional development.

Process Timeline

How the GLOBOGATE platform works


We are looking for the following qualified nurses for German employers:

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The foundation of GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH was inspired, initiated and supported through the activities of Dr. ius. Urs Lustenberger as chair of the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce and honorary consul of the Philippines. GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH acts as conscientious partner for German employers and guarantor for the sustainable and goal-driven procurement of nurses from the Philippines.

  • Substantial access to clinics and hospital groups in Germany
  • Digitized platform for fast and precise matching of qualifications of Philippine nurses with job offers of German employers
  • Huge network of agents and health sector related contact people in Germany
  • Comprehensive experience with migration issues (permits, visa, residence permits, etc.) and access to the related authorities
  • Experience in the recruitment and integration of staff in the healthcare sector in German-speaking countries
  • Integration team and network of already assimilated Filipinos in Germany
  • Access to the important contacts (incl. authorities) in Germany, e.g. in regard to recognition of nurses
  • Special services for unworried arrival in Germany (e.g. apartment outfitter, transportation, etc.)

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GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH has been granted a license for private placement abroad by SECO.

This entitles to the international placement and lending activities of employees.

GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH is accredited as Foreign Placement Agency by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration). This governmental institution monitors employers and recruitment agencies who want to employ Philippine professionals overseas. The strict regulation aims for protecting employees and the labor market as well as providing transparency in general.

We, as well as our Philippine recruiting partners, do not collect placement fees, processing fees or any other fees from our applicants before, during or after the recruiting process.


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What does the GLOBOGATE program include?

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Statement regarding the current global situation

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Some of our nurses share their story

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From a nurse`s perspective

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Our German hospital partners are looking for registered
Philippine nurses with various qualifications.
We as well as our Philippine recruiting partners do not collect placement fees, processing fees or any other fees from our applicants before, during or after the recruiting process.

To start the registration process or to receive more detailed information please use the application form below.
Your application will be processed by a POEA licensed and local recruiting agency.
Your personal data will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the application process.

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